Prestressed lintels

The prestressed brick lintels are made in many dimensions, which enables the optimal bridging combination of window and door openings in differently thick walls. They are made in 1 to 4 metre lengths with a 25 cm step. Depending on the prestressed brick lintel, it is necessary to consider the clear height of the opening and a minimal span of 12 cm on each side, at the purchase.
Up to 2 m it supports once and at longer measurements twice. The lintels reach their carrying capacity when the mortar gets its prescribed firmness, after approximately 4 weeks. With the use of prestressed brick lintels the investor saves time and money.

  • high carrying capacity
  • good thermal insulation
  • optimal plaster application basis
  • minimal weight
  • easy installation

Length (cm) / Step 25cm100-300100-400100-400100-400100-400100-400100-400

Height (cm)
Width (cm)
Weight (kg/m)

Prestressed lintels with a clay coat

The prestressed concrete lintels with a clay coat are made of a prestressed concrete core, which is placed into the clay coat. A high carrying capacity, a good thermal insulation and an excellent grip of the plaster are achieved with this. The light weight of the lintel enables a quick installation without lifting machines or supporting elements.

  • high carrying capacity
  • good thermal insulation
  • optimal plaster application basis
  • minimal weight
  • easy installation

Length (cm) / Step 25cm100-200220-260280-300320

Height (cm)

Width (cm)
Weight (kg/m)
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Iso-panelings are made of EPS 100 polystyrene- a 3 cm, 5 cm and 13 cm thermal insulation tile with a 90° concrete heel (statically coinciding), which we fasten onto the walls with the help of mortar or glue.

The concrete heel prevents the ISO-paneling from collapsing whilst concreting.

The thermal insulation tiles are an excellent base for mechanical plastering and are reinforced with construction steel (6 mm diameter)

We offer our ISO-panelings in a 150 cm length and a 16 cm to 28 cm height.
  prednapete preklade

The advantages speak for themselves

  • An ideal solution for panelling ceiling concrete on the edge of the walls
  • ISO-panelings replace panelling with wooden planks
  • Building with mortar is history
  • Fast installation with foam
  • Good plaster application basis
  • The fast installation and attachment to walls, saves time and expenses
  • Adapted to any wall thickness
  • High thermal insulation prevents the formation of thermal bridges
  • Maximal stability

 Brick ceiling girders

We are manufacturing brick ceiling girders with a 12 cm width and a 1 m to 6.4 m length in a 20 cm step, for the construction of a brick prefabricated ceiling. The span from the ceiling girder to the wall must be 20 cm and laid in a 50 cm axis intercept. This kind of ceiling has the same thermal insulation qualities as a brick wall. Living in these spaces is healthy because of the beneficial microclimate that is created.

The ceiling also has a diffusion resistance against humidity, which enables the transition of moisture through the ceiling. As a result the air in that pace maintains an optimal humidity.

The usage of this product also simplifies the construction and saves a lot of precious time.

Traditional brick ceiling with an additional concrete application

Fields of usage: residential houses, administration buildings, schools and kindergartens, agricultural economies.

Immediate delivery

  • the laying is easy and handy because of the lightness of the girders
  • good thermal and sound insulation
  • girders are suitable for organic construction because of the minimal steel and concrete amounts
  • excellent plaster  grip to the bottom side if the girders
  • wide spans between girders are possible
  • high quality guarantee with CE-certificates and constant inspection
  • produced by  authorised institutions